Quarterly Award Winners

“I would like to nominate John Carroll, Market Development Project Coordinator, for the Peer to Peer award, as I believe he embodies all of the Leidos attributes; Integrity, Commitment, Innovation, Collaboration, and Agility. Since John was promoted into this position, he has been a fundamental component in Leidos’ success of implementing and integrating the Market Development Initiative into the Ameren Illinois Energy Efficiency Portfolio. John is consistently working with our Ameren Illinois client to identify their needs, and has been flawless at turning their visions into reality. It’s not unlike John to go over and beyond for our customer, ensuring they are beyond satisfied with not only the task at hand, but Leidos’ performance in the execution. John exemplifies a passion for his position, and truly cares about people. It doesn’t matter if you work for Leidos, Ameren Illinois, a Community Action Agency, or are a random customer. John will go out of his way to help you with whatever you need, and will always make sure you are happy with the results. Most recently, John assisted in developing the NEED Day in Alton, going so far as to knock on customers door’s in the rain, making sure the event would have the participation expected. John is that team member that is always willing to lend a helping hand, even though his plate is already full and sometimes spilling over. John’s ability to work with several different teams has become a vital part of his position, and in-turn has become the conduit piece between Ameren Illinois and Leidos when it applies to the Market Development Initiative and weaving it into the Energy Efficiency Portfolio. Because John’s position exists in these two different worlds, he has to meet even more expectations than the usual Leidos AIC team member by attending meetings and being engaged in both the Energy Efficiency Program and MDI. John has been tasked with vital deliverables that Ameren Illinois has identified as significant priorities for Leidos to help drive. This is including but not limited to portfolio leveraging, Market Development Action Plan execution, regulatory/legislative compliance in relation to FEJA & CEJA, and workplace development. John is an integral component in bringing new and innovative ideas to the table, and is if that isn’t enough, is also a member of the Leidos AIC Culture Club. John is truly an essential piece to the Leidos AIC team, and deserves to be recognized with this award.” — Katie Miller, Portfolio Operations Manager

“Recently, our Energy Management division launched an exploratory phase to determine if Robotic Process Automation (RPA) could be used to enhance our AMPLIFY application management platform. It was believed that RPA could help streamline energy efficiency application processing, automate aspects of our technical review process, and issue faster incentive payments. At the beginning of the exploratory phase, Sidney Daller stepped up to lead live demos of the AMPLIFY platform and our program processes while the Leidos’ Intelligent Automation team sought to gather additional understanding of the project. As we transitioned from demos to weekly working meetings, Sidney provided documentation, screenshot examples, and object field information to support in-depth RPA process mapping exercises. Additionally, he brought valuable insights into how current application processing could be enhanced, and the potential use cases for RPA within AMPLIFY. These insights have led to several ideas and “quick win” enhancements that will maximize the impacts that RPA can make within the platform. Despite his heavy workload as a technical reviewer and special projects resource for Leidos’ Ameren Illinois energy efficiency contract, Sidney also set aside time each week to attend RPA calls, serve as a resource for process mapping, and tackle action items between calls. RPA presents a very real opportunity to enhance our AMPLIFY platform and the program services we provide to our energy management clients. Sidney has played a critical role in our RPA project and, by example, exudes the Leidos core value of innovation in his daily work.”

“At the beginning of the exploratory phase, our Energy Management team members (Meaghan Murphy, Sidney Daller, Jennifer Rogers, Jonathan Lavallee, James Wells, David Pass, and Keith Block) stepped up to lead live demos of the AMPLIFY platform, outline high-level program processes, and advise on information technology requirements and cybersecurity considerations. As we transitioned from demos and initial discussions to weekly working meetings, the Energy Management team has provided documentation, screenshot examples, object fields, and sandbox support to support the RPA process mapping exercises. Additionally, the team has used the RPA exploratory phase to evaluate and implement enhancements to the current application process as well as discuss potential future use cases for RPA within AMPLIFY. These insights have led to several ideas and “quick win” enhancements that will maximize the impacts that RPA can make within the platform – now and into the future.” 

“James leads a team which has been historically tasked with developing and maintaining solutions that support Energy Efficiency programs such as Hawaii Energy and Ameren. Over the last year, his team has been under increasing pressure to reduce hours on these programs. Faced with these pressures James identified opportunities across Leidos to leverage his team’s differentiated experience in developing and managing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions and began to secure additional project work outside his core focus area. This resulted in not only filling the coverage gap emerging in the Energy Efficiency area, but allowed him to grow his team in support of these efforts.


In the second quarter, by establishing a Salesforce Community of Practice, James has engaged with a number of business development leaders to assist in proposal efforts for CRM solutions across the federal space. His efforts are not only driving increased billable work for Digital Utilities but assisting in capture efforts outside the civil organization for the benefit of Leidos as a whole.”



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